you can’t change your past, but you can let go.. and start your future.

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Questiontotally making something happen for you and your family in WDW, we will figure the details later =) and, I'm not in the other side of the world anymore! Midwest is freaking awesome! Answer

Aw, you don’t have to do that. But thank you. :)

And I’m so happy that you’re finally back in the US. Now when I talk about Disney, you’ll know that it’s not that far away from you, and you won’t have to feel so homesick. 

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QuestionWould you ever write a ficlet (or add in an installment) Quinn realizing that Rachel tops from the bottom? Maybe during sex, after Santana teased/commented about it? I'd like to know what Quinn's reaction to that would be (also Rachel's to Quinn's) Answer

I never say never. It could always show up at some point. I don’t really think Quinn would be all that upset about it though. Because she does give up control to Rachel often, so she’d probably just have this moment of thinking, “Son-of-a-bitch. She does top me from the bottom.”

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Question[spoilers!] With the (now confirmed) spoilers that Rachel's Broadway/acting career will fail and she'll head back to Lima and take over Glee club--do you think that's in character or do you think they completely changed the finale last second because of reasons? Answer

Oh, they changed it because of reasons. Rachel has to be tied to Finn in some way since she can’t throw away her success and go back to Lima to be with him, so of course the next best thing is to live in honor of him by becoming him. A Lima Loser who will never leave high school behind.

I absolutely don’t think it’s in character for Rachel Berry Classic™ as she was originated to give up on her dream of being a performer and go back to Lima to become Mr. Schue. (And really, can we imagine Rachel as a teacher, molding young minds? I love original formula her, but no. She’ll make Mr. Schue actually look like he deserved that teacher of the year award.) But I also didn’t think it was in character for her to say that her dream role was never really Fanny Brice but playing her nineteen year-old self on a television show. My Rachel Berry needed applause to live, was at home on a stage, was meant for New York not Los Angeles, and wanted to play three seminal Broadway roles before she died—Fanny Brice, Eva Peron, and Laurey from Oklahoma.

I’m not saying that having her fail isn’t a valid story arc, because I think she got Funny Girl far too easily, and I pretty much knew her television show would flop. I mean—it was basically Glee, wasn’t it. :P

She’s going to have failures. But I think it’s a slap in the face of her character to have her give up so easily. I know she blew it with NYADA, probably broke her contact with FG and got blacklisted on Broadway, and was possibly laughed out of LA. But it’s apparently only a six month time jump, so she’s barely twenty. She’s not even trying to go back to college to get an actual degree or perfect her craft. Unless this arc leads her back to Broadway to take on New York for real, then what a pathetic waste of six seasons for her character—for all of them who end up back in Lima.

Basically, Glee season six so far sounds like—hey kids, don’t bother dreaming or making goals because you’re just going to be stuck as a loser who will never move past your high school glory days. How depressing for a show that was originally claiming to encourage the underdogs and urging people to pursue their passions.

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QuestionPoetz, would you please make a drabble where Kurt comes home to the Bushwick apartment and sees Quinn naked and asleep on Rachel's bed, and Rachel's horrified he came home early and says, 'I can explain,' pretty pretty please i beg with ice cream? Answer

Not A Care In the World

Quinn Fabray is not in his kitchen!

She’s also not in her clothes! Kurt doesn’t quite react fast enough to avoid seeing every inch of Quinn when he breezes into Rachel’s bedroom, thinking he’ll find his roommate frantically tearing through her makeshift closet in search of the perfect outfit for her date tonight with Quinn.  

Who is naked.

In Rachel’s bed.  


“Oh, my God!” he squeaks, slapping a hand over his eyes and spinning around as he attempts to blindly stumble out of the room without getting tangled up in the curtain. “Oh, my God!” he repeats, trying to ignore the shadowy image of pale skin and lady bits that’s currently burned into the back of his eyelids.    

When he unexpectedly slams into a body, he screams, thinking that Quinn had somehow caught him and is about to tackle him (naked) to the floor and beat him to death for creeping on her while she was sleeping, but a hand is immediately pressed over his mouth as Rachel hisses, “Be quiet.”

Kurt drops his hand from his eyes and stares at Rachel.  “Qui eh aykeh eh u beh,” he mumbles into her palm, causing her eyebrows to furrow before she removes her hand.


“Quinn is naked in your bed,” he tells her needlessly.  Her eyes widen, and her face turns a deep crimson.  

“I can explain,” she says in a rush, trying to drag him away from her bedroom.

“The nudity is fairly self-explanatory,” he muses, finally beginning to recover from his shock. He hadn’t thought that they’d progressed that far in their relationship yet, but good for them if they had.

Rachel shakes her head. “No. It’s…  She was dirty.”

Kurt slaps his hands over his ears this time. “I don’t want the details.”

Rachel glares at him as she grabs his wrists and drags his arms down. “She was splashed by a truck on the street, and her dress got covered in sludge. It’s currently in the laundry downstairs.”

Kurt raises his eyebrows. It seems like a plausible explanation, except, “What happened to her underwear?”

Rachel blushes again. “She wanted to take a shower. I…I offered to wash her undergarments as well.”

“Oookay,” Kurt drawls. “But I’m still having trouble with the naked in your bed part. Because she is,” he reminds her with a grin.

“She…um…she must have fallen asleep when I was downstairs,” Rachel speculates, her eyes darting all around the room.

Kurt’s grin grows into a smirk. “Rachel, sweetie?”


“You do realize that you’re currently only wearing a silk robe that really doesn’t cover much of anything?” he points out, fully taking in her appearance—complete with mussed hair.

Rachel huffs, pulling her robe tighter around her body and scowling darkly at him. “You…we…I…damn it, Kurt!  You weren’t supposed to be home for another hour,” she growls, turning on her heel and stalking into her bedroom before closing her curtain with a dramatic flourish.  

Kurt laughs, and then he decides to go back out and forage for dinner, because he really doesn’t want to be in the apartment with Quinn and Rachel naked in the bedroom.

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QuestionHi Poetz, MMT is brilliant & I so love the TT trope. This was a perfect inner monologue of a repressed HS Quinn: 'Finn & Rachel are curled up on a lounge chair being all disgusting & coupley as they tell Tina all about their plans to tie the knot right after graduation.' It is so reminiscent of the outstanding fic 'Simple Parts' & I've wondered about the back story on all the literal & metaphorical scars of that Quinn. As always thanks for sharing your wonderful imagination. Song rec Anon. :) Answer

I remember reading Simple Parts and thinking that Quinn being thrust into the future and seeing that happiness and knowing that she gets to have Rachel someday was actually the biggest thing to fuck her up when she went back. That even though she wouldn’t remember the experience, the shadow of it would stay with her and make her present feel that much more unbearable.

I thought it probably stayed with Rachel too, which is why she desperately tried to make everything work with Finn but still ultimately never felt like he was enough. And why she did go into that bathroom at that party. But obviously, Rachel got the better end of the deal with that.

For MMT, even though young Brittany claims she could totally change the past if she wanted, older Brittany will support the self-consistency principle—that anything the time traveler does must have been part of history all along, so nothing can actually be changed but in fact future events were always shaped by the traveler’s presence. 

Or as Brittany would explain to Quinn, “Like, past you always met future you and future you totally became future you because past you wanted to be future you and hook up with Rachel. So past you can’t change the future because past you always time travels and meets future you, just like future you couldn’t change the past even if you wanted to because future you is past you. So, like, you can’t change what already happened, you know?”

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QuestionI wonder if Rachel's eventual success and fame as an actor would influence Judy's perception of her? Since she is depicted as someone who - apart from the Christian values stuff - care about appearances and social standing, I would imagine she would come to find it pleasant to be related to a nationally known celebrity. Even if is a daughter in law. Answer

Let’s just say that Judy would not be disappointed by Rachel’s success. Mostly, Judy is content that Rachel makes her daughter happy, but the eventual money and success certainly don’t hurt Judy’s willingness to publicly claim Rachel as her daughter-in-law.


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QuestionI don't know if you thought about that yet, but what if TJ is gay? He realizes it I guess when he's a teenager? And so that would be "problematic" for his parents, he might not want to come out... would he go talk to Quinn? To Judy? Or maybe you thought about it and he's completely straight! lol Answer

I actually was toying with the possibility that T.J. isn’t straight or would at least be questioning his sexuality once he hit his teens, and eventually Frannie will have to deal with that. T.J. would definitely turn to his Aunt Quinn for advice and support in that case. Coming out to his parents would certainly not be a pleasant experience—think Judy and Russell and the pregnancy revelation part two. But maybe, just maybe, Frannie might have a giant epiphany in that moment that her husband wants to disown their son when she finally and fully understands why Judy has always been so determined to keep her relationship with Quinn even when she didn’t completely accept her decisions.

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QuestionNot sure if someone already asked this but in DB do we ever find out everyone's reactions to Q & R getting engaged? Like the Berrymen, Santana, Kurt, etc. Will it be mentioned in the wedding speeches at the reception perhaps? Can't wait for September! :D Answer

I haven’t written any reactions to that yet. It’s not really in the speeches of the main characters at the reception, but a few of the supporting characters might be getting to make some comments on the whole Rachel and Quinn getting married thing and how they felt when then found out they were together and/or engaged.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever do an installment specifically with them telling everyone, but I may. Kurt will have already known since he kind of helps Rachel with the ring. 

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QuestionLol that'd be funny and very Quinn like :) (slapping on the arm and the eyebrow). Thks for answering me. Also, in what DB fic did Rachel kind of does that while with Santana? Answer

Quinn’s eyebrow is very expressive. Rachel knows it well.  :P

Rachel appreciates the aesthetics of Teresa the Bartender when she and Santana are out drinking during Shake It Up I Like It Dirty.  We see Quinn’s displeasure with that occurrence in Shuffling the Cards Of Your Game and Make Me Wanna Stay.

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QuestionHi Poetz I'm so excited for the wedding reception and I'm curious is it going to be like the wedding in DATW where you had flashbacks of previous events mixed in with the present? I REALLY want to read about Rachel giving Quinn a surprise lap dance/strip tease at her bachelorette party (b/c you said Rachel wouldn't have wanted Santana to hire an actual stripper) and since Quinn is usually the pro at the whole teasing/seduction thing I want to see Rachel get Quinn all worked up this time! ;) Answer

Also if the bachelorette party isn’t going to be mentioned in the wedding reception installment will you consider adding it later to the series or maybe even as a ficlet here? And would Rachel be in disguise or would Quinn immediately recognize her? (or is this question a spoiler?) Maybe Santana sends Quinn to a private room but doesn’t tell her the stripper is Rachel so Quinn doesn’t really wanna be there at first until she discovers the stripper is actually her sexy soon-to-be wife ;)

No flashbacks, but there is a brief mention or two of the bachelorette party in the reception fic. The bachelorette party has been on my possibilities list to maybe explore later in some capacity, and flashbacks to that didn’t really flow with the reception. I can say that there was a private room involved, but I’ll leave at that for now. ;)


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QuestionTotally unrelated (or related who knows??) question, you and other people have mentioned that Rachel tops from the bottom what does the mean exactly? Answer

It means that when they’re having sex, Quinn likes to be on top, and theoretically in control of the encounter. However, Rachel isn’t shy about telling Quinn what she likes or what she wants and making demands of her, so even while she’s in what could be considered the submissive position, if Quinn follows her instructions—which she often does—Rachel is actually controlling the encounter. Topping from the bottom. 

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QuestionAnd if/when Rachel has their 2nd fababy, will Judy acknowledge that child as her grandchild? Or will that be another sore spot? Since it was born to Rachel, hence not biologically related to Judy. Answer

Perhaps Rachel will decide she wants to use one of Quinn’s eggs. Then it would be biologically related to Judy. :)

But in either case, Judy’s relationship with Rachel in the DB verse is a slow progression forward. She does accept that Quinn loves Rachel and that Rachel makes her happy. She might have preferred that her youngest daughter would have followed a more traditional path, but since that’s never going to happen, she does get to the point where she thinks, “Well, if Quinn has to be with a woman, I’m glad she picked this one.”

So by the time the hypothetical Fababy #2 comes along, Judy has already seen them both as devoted, loving mothers, and she’d really just see Rachel’s pregnancy as Quinn becoming a mother again, so Judy would be gaining another grandchild. 

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QuestionHi :) I want to know, if you can explain it to me, what is this "DB" thing. I don't know what it is, but since it is Faberry, I'll read or watch it. Having it explained, can you give me the link to get to it or the directions? I don't know if it will be possible, but I'm grateful for your atention ;) Answer

"DB" is just shorthand for "Don’t Blink," which is what I call my series of future!Faberry oneshots that began with Don’t Blink You Might Miss.

The series is here. Or you can follow the links on my Poetz Writes page in either posting order or chronological order, depending on your reading preference. I do recommend starting with the first posted, Don’t Blink You Might Miss.

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QuestionWow! That was a lot o bedroom questions. Anyway, completely unrelated, I was wondering which one of them is more understanding of the fact that finding other people attractive is of human nature, bluntly putting who is more okay with the fact that the other will feel an attraction/desire for other people. I'm not sure if I'm being clear, but what I mean is who gets less bother if the other stares at someone else body part? Answer

It depends on what point in the relationship we’re talking about, because in those early days, Quinn does get bothered by the idea that Rachel might be attracted to other people. But that’s mostly a result of her insecurity with the relationship because Rachel didn’t seem to see Quinn for so long, and she’d never been with a woman before.

But as they learn to trust one another in their romantic relationship, it becomes less of an issue. Still, overall, it’s probably Rachel that’s more understanding of appreciating other people’s aesthetics, though that doesn’t stop her from getting a bit insecure about her own attractiveness when Quinn comments on another woman’s beauty or her eyes linger a little too long somewhere.  Quinn just tends to slap Rachel’s arm when she catches her doing it and gives her “the eyebrow.”