When Rachel woke up that morning, she woke up filled with a singular, persistent, undeniable conviction: she was in love with Quinn Fabray. Rather too comfortable to be an epiphany, it slid lightly and easily into her schedule, somewhat more a background accompaniment than an instrumental solo.

She ate branflakes and rice milk and strawberries for breakfast, and she thought, “I am in love with Quinn Fabray.”

She sang recent songs she didn’t even particularly like and used her dads’ silly man-shampoo in the shower, and she thought, “I am in love with Quinn Fabray.”

She took her meds and completed her annoyingly mellow neck exercises and read several chapters of Quinn’s perfectly competent if at times choppily paced debut novel, and she thought, “I am in love with Quinn Fabray.”

She called Santana in a wildly inadvisable moment of recklessness, and she said, “I am in love with Quinn Fabray.”

"No fucking shit, asshole," Santana calmly replied. "Took you long enough."

Rachel laughed, loud and giddily. “Yeah,” she said, breathless, and hung up.

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Anonymous Asked
QuestionI've had surgery today, and now I have to stay home from work one week. Not happy about that. Except: Now I have lots of time to reread your stories :-) It's one hell of an upside, if you ask me ;-) So thank you for brightening my mood, Poetz, cuz bitter, sad and gloomy doesn't suit me at all! Answer

I hope you recover quickly. Taking care of you is the most important thing, so rest and recuperate like the doctor orders.  And then take two Faberry Fics a day and call me at the end of the week. ;)


Anonymous Asked
Questionpoetz, what's the most unusual place Oliver has hidden in the apartment? and has he ever interrupted Faberry sex? Answer

Oliver has a talent for opening cabinet doors, so Quinn once found him curled inside of her roaster in the cabinet under the sink. Needless to say, the cabinet doors were “child-locked” well before the Fababy made an appearance.

And Oliver did interrupt them a few times in those early days, but between the flying clothes and the yelling, he learned pretty quickly to make himself scare when they start their mating rituals.   

@ Worlds Away Anon - Those are all great prompts, but again, I’m trying to finish what I’m working on at the moment, so they’ll have to sit on the backburner for a while.  But thanks! :)

Anonymous Asked
QuestionHello, I'm new in the fandom and I've been told to read all of your stories and I have to say that I'm amazed by your talent, I loved every single one of them. I wanted to ask you what do you think about SHAfD, since to me it's kind of OOC and has really little to do with Glee and it's really far away from canon. Thank you! Answer

First, my condolences for setting sail on the ship of heartache and tears. :P

Second, thank you for the compliment. I’m glad you enjoyed my small contribution to a very talented fandom.

Third, I’ve gotten a bit of flack for voicing my opinion on SHAfD in the past. I read it back when Dylan was posting, and I think she’s a great writer, and I think it’s a very well crafted story in the planning of it and the way the flashbacks fit together with the present happenings. But I will always say, like you, that I personally find it very AU with the characterizations, and I would never recommend it as a first read to introduce Faberry to someone because it’s not really them as they were on the show. 

Anonymous Asked
QuestionI cannot wait to read the wedding reception installment, really, you are the greatest tease (even more than Queen) Answer

*QUINN. (stupid autocorrect)

I’m plugging away at the final part. I’m maybe about 1/3 of the way done with it, depending on how wordy I get, and then I have some rewrites and editing to do. I’m hoping to start posting later next week some time, but it could be a little bit longer. 

Anonymous Asked
QuestionI am glad that faberry was just a cannon because Ryan would have make a real mess out of it. Answer

I’m gonna assume you mean you’re glad it was never canon, in which case I wholeheartedly agree. Glee is so bad with character continuity and portraying healthy relationships that I’d never want them to touch Faberry outside of a friendship, and even the friendship has been more or less ruined for me in canon after season 3. 

Fanon > canon. 

Anonymous Asked
QuestionHas Quinn ever gotten really mad at Rachel for flagging cabs the way she does, and if so could we have a drabble about it pretty please? Answer

I wouldn’t say she’s gotten really mad to the point where there’s a big argument about it, but she does get upset when Rachel does it, and they’ve had some discussions about Rachel’s safety versus her success rate at getting cabs to stop. 

And maybe someday…but I really am trying to finish the reception fic right now. 



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Anonymous Asked
QuestionDoes Rachel request a round with the strap-on on the wedding night? Since it's like a special night and all. And does Quinn have any special requests as well? Or they just make sweet sweet love and leave the racy stuff for the prolonged honeymoon? Answer

The wedding night is sweet, sweet love. But the rest of the Honeymoon is anything goes. We already know they did a little skinny dipping. ;)

Anonymous Asked
QuestionTWO WEEKS WITHOUT SEX?!?!?!? Woah. Who's idea was that anyway? Did they sleep in separate beds because could they be in the same bed with just the teasing and not having it lead to the pleasing? I'm surprised they showed up at their wedding reception. Answer

Quinn suggested it like she suggested not seeing one another for 24 hours before the wedding, but Rachel grudgingly agreed. 

They do sleep in the same bed, and there is some teasing, but they were able to behave themselves. Mostly.   :)

Anonymous Asked
QuestionPoetz, in the DB universe, has Quinn ever carried Rachel bridal style? Answer

Over the threshold on the wedding night. ;)

But usually, Quinn will carry her into the bedroom with Rachel wrapped around her like a koala. 

Anonymous Asked
Questionhey poetz, since Rachel seems so fond of Quinn's abs in the DB verse, does Quinn makes sure to work out in the front of Rachel to seduce her even more? Answer

Heh heh. Quinn does tend to favor the sports bras in the summer when she does her yoga in the apartment. She’s put on a show for Rachel once or twice.


Anonymous Asked
QuestionIn glee I think there was no unholy trinity friendship. Santana or Britt never actually care about Quinn. It was popular because it was three hot chicks dancing together Answer

The entire Unholy Trinity concept is a fanon creation that the Glee writers picked up and tossed into their meta to make it canon. In season one, Santana and Brittany (no last name) looked to me like they were Quinn’s minions. Santana was possibly second-in-command, maybe Quinn’s frienemy at best, and Brittany wasn’t fleshed out as a character at all, but she mostly seemed like a companion for Santana. 

I kind of bought Brittana as besties, but neither of them really seemed to give a damn about Quinn or helped her when she was pregnant. And Quinn wasn’t much better to either of them. 

Season three was when the show stole the “Unholy Trinity” moniker from fandom and started trying to convince us they’d all been besties from the beginning. But again, as Glee always does with everything, they told us they were friends but never showed us.

But then none of the friendships on Glee ever held up outside of the choir room, and a few of them never even worked in there.  

Anonymous Asked
QuestionHere's a weird question, has Quinn ever withheld having sex with Rachel to prove a point or to persuade her to do something?... Anyways excellent writing =) Answer

They both threaten to do that from time to time, but it never really lasts more than a day.  

The DB version of them do manage to abstain for two weeks prior to their wedding to make the wedding night more special, and it’s torture for both of them.