She has love.

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QuestionWill you write a story based on this season of glee. I will certainly not be disappointed if you don't Answer

I don’t know yet. Current spoilers fit nicely with my “didn’t you used to be Rachel Berry?” plot bunny. :P

I’ll have to see if I’m inspired. I can tell you that there’s probably a 90% chance that I will write out some post finale fan wank headcanon of how Faberry get back to each other from wherever the show leaves them, even if it’s just Rachel waking up on the train after senior year of high school and realizing that everything post graduation was all a terrible nightmare. 

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Question"The extended disagreement they'll have over starting a family was pretty scary for various reasons." Please elaborate. Also, who is the more affectionate parent? When Callie starts dating how do they react? Does she date a boy or a girl? What's their scariest moment as parents? Answer

I’ll probably elaborate more in an actual installment, but basically, Rachel always said she’d be okay either having kids or not having them, depending on what Quinn decided since Quinn was still carrying some guilt over having to give up Beth. And after they got engaged, Quinn said she’d probably want to someday, and Rachel agreed that would be okay—someday. So when someday happens sooner than Rachel expects it to, she’s not really ready and tries to argue that they should wait some more. And there’s some angst that happens because Quinn thinks Rachel was just telling her whatever she wanted to hear, thinking Quinn would never actually be ready to have another baby. 

They’re both pretty affectionate—Quinn because she doesn’t want to be her parents, and Rachel because she wants to be even better than her parents. But probably Quinn just because she’s actually present more than Rachel, who’s more often out of the house for long and strange hours.

Poor Callie (if I go with that name) will have a double barrel of maternal freak-outs when she wants to date—Quinn because she absolutely doesn’t want her daughter being tempted to make the same mistakes she made, and Rachel for the same reason. :P  I think Callie probably dates a boy—first. ;)

Their scariest moment is probably when Callie is about four and they’re all out shopping together, and someone stops them to tell Rachel what a big fan (s)he is and they both get distracted for just a moment, but long enough for Callie to duck down underneath a clothing rack because she’s been playing there like kids do and kind of crawl out the other side and wander off in the wrong direction. Quinn and Rachel will freak as they go looking for her and panic when they can’t find her right away, thinking she’s been kidnapped, only to find her with the security guard at the front of the store ten minutes later. But it’s the scariest ten minutes of their lives. Until Callie falls off a cheerleading pyramid in high school and breaks her leg…then those ten seconds of watching hr fall are the scariest of their lives.

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QuestionBased off of recent spoilers, do you think you'll write the Berry dads' getting divorced into any of your existing stories; Don't Blink or what have you, or into a new story perhaps? Answer

Not in the DB universe, but it might possibly find its way into another universe, whether existing or new. 

I do appreciate the discussion—both sides of it—but I’m sticking a fork in it now. I’m done for the night. 

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QuestionI think the reviews so different because the age difference. Like Three years ago I saw Rachel as being perfect and Quinn as a mean. But later I realize Quinn background and sometimes explain her behavior and Rachel was not so good when your realize the big mistake she make stealing Quinn's boyfriend when she was pregnant or sending someone to the crack house. You see the seriousness of these things the more you grow up. Answer

I think that’s a factor as well. What works for a 16 year old character doesn’t fly for a 26 year old if you want to show character growth. I know I don’t act the same way I did in my teens. You learn to temper a lot of your innate behaviors in order to get along with coworkers and people in general. 

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Questionwhat is SHAfD? Answer

Should Have Asked for Directions. 

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Question"I’ve said, there are a number of fics out there with the bitchy, cynical, aloof Quinn that you’re obviously looking for." Where though? Because since season 3 aired I can't seem to find them. Answer

Unfortunately, they are mostly AUs at this point, since post season 3, Quinn has been mostly gone from canon, so I think much of the canon compliant college and future fics are stuck on the version of her that you don’t like. 

But if you like Buffy crossovers, there’s Invisimeg’s AU that starts with Chosen.

There’s Outside Hearts by kiloriley, though it does deal with her being closeted and the fallout of that on her relationship with Rachel, so you may find her too needy towards the later chapters in terms of that. Also, it’s still a WIP.

Anything by kabensi

Comfortably Numb and Close Proximity by WaveGoodbye. 

You have to be willing to try out the new ones being posted and decide if they suit your tastes. 

And again, if they don’t, anyone can try their hand at writing. Practice makes perfect. Or there are a number of writers willing to take prompts. Just tell them exactly what you want to see. 

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QuestionI think there's a middle point between "completely manipulative and liar" and "totally tamed". It's probably just personal taste but I think the aloofness and sometimes even asshole behavior is a real part of Quinn and no matter how much she grows and stops being so self destructive it will always be there. I know you say you try to give her those moments in DB but they don't really work for me. Also,I think that verse is just too sappy for me, I'm not enough of a faberry shipper anymore for it. Answer

As I said, I respect your opinion, but I don’t feel I’m writing her as totally tamed. And I suppose I’ve always read her aloofness as a defense mechanism because we’ve seen her drop her defenses enough times to know that she isn’t really all that aloof. She mostly just doesn’t want people to see her vulnerable, but if she was in a relationship with someone she trusts, I feel like that would probably change. So we’ll have to agree to disagree on that.

And yes, DB is the sappy future verse after they’ve ironed out all their personal issues, but Quinn has still been an asshole from time to time. The series is obviously not for you, and that’s fine. There are still a number of people who do want to visit it, and as I’ve said, there are a number of fics out there with the bitchy, cynical, aloof Quinn that you’re obviously looking for. 

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QuestionHello Poetz, you really dont need to worry, your story is one of the most realistic and IC that I've ever read. They are not perfect, they are different people who have their own personalities and that make mistakes, and yes they love each other and when you are in a relationship you tend to make compromisses in order to make your partner happy because that's what you want when you are in love, to make each other happy. I really don't see Quinn as whipped and certanly Rachel doesnt get her way Answer

all the time, and she supports Quinn and makes truly happy so I don’t see what this person’s problem is because I’ve read stories in which Quinn was in fact whipped (SHAfD for example, I know it’s OOC and AU but still). Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that your story is my favorite and I don’t think it can be any better because you created the most realistic versions of them. So thank you!

Thank you. I have actually taken that Anon’s critique into consideration in the past and made a conscious effort to show more of Quinn’s life outside of Rachel in DB, so there’s that. But I suppose it isn’t always enough for everyone. 

Not to get into another discussion of SHAfD, but I’ve actually always kind of looked at that story in the the opposite way. Yes, Quinn had her moments, but ultimately, she was pretty much the one who made the decisions in that relationship. And Rachel was the one who had moved on and found happiness in another, stable relationship and still ended up taking Quinn back in the end because Quinn was finally ready. So, for me, that one was all about Quinn. 

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QuestionBut their is always the extreme writers who write Rachel as a saint and Quinn is the bad person. Who could do nothing wrong. Or the one with Quinn being a saint and she had a her reason to bully Rachel she did nothing wrong.I like faberry because it is not black or white . Writers are too young to see that sometimes their is not a right or wrong. Like you do their is not the good or the bad guy with Q and R Answer

Exactly. I’ve seen both extremes as well, and some of the bitchy Quinn with super submissive, eager-to-please Rachel ones have actually been a little disturbing when the story isn’t specifically portrayed as being an unhealthy relationship. As have the opposite with Rachel as the one controlling Quinn in some way. I think good stories at least attempt to address the problematic aspects of their relationship and balance it. 

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QuestionDifferent anon, but I also disagree. The reason Quinn is portrayed as so much milder now is because she objectively did have so much more to overcome from her earlier days and more to fear and lose from relapses. Answer

We always have this interesting discussion at FaberryCon about Quinn with the theory that she’s constantly trying to go back and fix the mistakes she made in her past. And that’s why she’s constantly “regressing” by tearing herself down completely and starting over with a new persona. Almost like a scorched earth policy where she burns it all and tries to rebuild it better on the same ground. And I like the idea of that to explain canon Quinn.

Because those kind of mistakes—getting pregnant and kicked out at fifteen, the ironic tattoo and skank phase, baby stealing attempts, the car accident—are going to fuck you up and make you think about how you want to rebuild things. 

My version of her tends to be less about fixing the mistakes and more about learning from them and how to move forward in a less self-destructive way. And damn it, she just wants someone to love her! So whenever she finds that, or thinks she has, she’s going to want to keep it however she can. In high school and college in canon, it’s been by lying and manipulating. I usually like to work with a version of her that’s learned lying and manipulating don’t work and instead goes with honesty and compromise. Because at the end of the day, she just wants to be happy, and if she thinks that Rachel—or anyone else—is going to be the thing to make her happy, then she’ll do whatever she can to make things work out for herself.

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QuestionI disagree with the anon many faberry story circle around. Rachel not being selfish with only Quinn. She doesn't give up on her. She pushed her to see she loved her . Quinn is not afraid to show her she is wrong. The two match Q and R they have their imperfection. The two correct each other when the other is making mistake. Sorry for my english Answer

Your English is fine. :)

I agree that they balance one another. And I try to write them that way, but obviously, not everyone will agree with how well I do or don’t succeed with that. Luckily, there are other writers with different approaches so everyone can usually find what they’re looking for if they take the time to look. 

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QuestionIt's not really "your writing", current faberry in general is all about Quinn being a doormat that only exists for Rachel. You're actually better than most of the fandom and at least you try to give Quinn a life outside Rachel (even if at the end you still always cop out and it ends up being all about Rachel). Answer

I respect your opinion, and I admit that some of the installments probably skew to Rachel looking like she gets her way, but overall I don’t feel like I’m writing stories that are all about Rachel or Quinn always giving in to Rachel. DB Rachel especially puts a lot of focus on making Quinn happy, and encourages her to pursue her passion of writing, and bites her tongue when Quinn wants to be friends with her ex, and decides not to put her career over her relationship at any point. .  

To some degree, I think part of the problem is that Rachel is this huge, self-involved personality, and in 99% of the fics, she’s an actress which puts her in the spotlight more than a Quinn with a career that’s less public. She’s going to be a demanding Diva, and one of them is going to have to give in. Sometimes it’s Rachel, and sometimes it’s Quinn. What you call a cop out, I call compromise in a relationship. What’s so terrible about Quinn, after hearing that Rachel is willing to defer to her wishes, perhaps deciding that she’s actually willing to meet her halfway or even try it Rachel’s way?

I always feel to some degree, when you and others voice this opinion, that you’re looking for a Quinn who is never going to be the one to give in because every time she does you stop and say—aha, whipped Quinn. It’s all about Rachel. That’s what you’re looking for and what you expect to see, so of course you’re going to find it.

Like these huge plot points or sacrifices have to define what makes Quinn whipped or gives her a life outside of Rachel instead of little everyday moments where they give and take in a relationship.

Let me tell you something. When I wrote Sinking Ships, I got equal parts pissed readers who thought Quinn was a doormat because she decided to give Rachel a second chance and see what could happen, and readers who thought I was making everything Rachel’s fault. In the Pull Of Gravity had the same mix of people calling Rachel selfish and callous and calling Quinn selfish and childish. As a writer, I am never going to please everyone and trying to show them both as human with faults who make mistakes and learn from them is—frankly—fucking exhausting.

I’m not usually one to pull out the write it yourself response, but in this case—if you’re not satisfied with what’s out there, you should try your hand at writing your own version. Create your own headcanon for how they’d interact and put it down in black and white. I’m not saying that to be mean either. Wanting to see something particular in a story and not being able to find it written exactly the way I wanted it is the reason I started writing in this fandom. 

So instead of accusing me of always copping out with Quinn, do something productive to make your own vision of Quinn come to life. 

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Questionspeaking of scars… does Quinn have one (or two) particular scar that she just cannot bring herself to look at because it looks really bad and she gets upset every time she sees it? How does she react to Rachel touching, kissing, or even licking it? Answer

She felt that way about the thoracotomy scar for the first few years until it started to fade more over time. That’s one of the reasons she got Beth’s name tattooed right underneath it on her ribs after college, to remind herself that beautiful things can come out of terrible moments.