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QuestionNow I need a FaBeBerry fic. You don't want to write something like that? Maybe? Please? Answer

Too. Many. Stalled. Projects. Already. :/

Although I do vaguely recall reading something where younger Rachel stuck around a while and attempted to get her older self back on track, including admitting feelings for Quinn. I can’t remember what it was though. 

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QuestionDo you know if Memoriesoffire will ever write faberry again? Answer

Oh, I’d say the chances of that are slim to none. By the end, she was pretty put off the fandom, so I don’t think she’ll ever be back. She’s probably writing her own original stories these days.  

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QuestionI'm more of a fan of FaBeBerry. Like something strange happens with time and space and suddenly College/NYADA!Rachel and Highschool!Rachel are in the same place. Quinn will probably be a little bit overwhelmed, but... I think she can deal with that. Answer

Lol. Like a permanent “Torn” performance, with high school Rachel constantly rolling her eyes and scoffing at her college self. 

"What do you mean we got bored with Funny Girl?! It’s Funny Girl! It’s our dream role! Are you insane?? You’re giving up Broadway for a terribly written situation comedy where the characters spontaneously break into song!! That’s a horrible concept. It’s going to be a joke across all of America and you’ll end up a has-been selling cleaning products on the home shopping network.”

She grabs Quinn’s hand. “Come on, Quinn. I’m the one with the amazing life ahead of me. Let’s go find a bathroom and work on the staying in touch. A lot of touch.” 

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Questionwhats fafaberry and whos charlie and do people talk about this so much im confused Answer

I never quite got the appeal of it myself, but a few years ago, after Dianna Agron talked about her alter ego, Charlie, it became a thing in fanfiction to give Quinn a (usually hipster, butcher, nicer) twin sister named Charlie. Of course, Charlie typically falls immediately in love with Rachel, after which, Quinn gets jealous. Sometimes, it’s a love triangle, and sometimes, the sisters decide to share. Hence, FaFaBerry.  

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QuestionHi Poetz! This is, as you know, from Make Me Wanna Stay: " They haven't yet mastered the concept of a 'quickie,' unless they count last Sunday morning before brunch. Do three successive quickies still count as a quickie?" Well, have they mastered it yet?? Lol. ;-) Answer

They do eventually master that, yes. It’s not their preference, of course, because Quinn really likes to take her time and draw it out, but there are some occasions when their time is limited while their desire is not. ;)

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QuestionWhat do you put as musical background while you write? Answer

I kind of answered that in this post. :)

QuestionFound it. :) skywarrior108[.]tumblr[.]com/post/59298636309/ this was sky's g!p rec post a while back (hi sky! :D ) and there's also the link to the 3rd part of TMF's fic. It was an... interesting conclusion to the trilogy. Answer

Thanks! :)

For anyone who’s interested, part three, Living at the Edge of the World.

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QuestionThere was also a third (and last) installament of the strange steps story: "living at the end of the world". :) Answer

I did read that one when she first posted it.  I think it was only on her tumblr at the time, and she never archived it. Skywarrior108 had a link to a downloadable copy at one point, but I don’t have it. That’s why I don’t typically mention it. :)

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QuestionHow did they go about planning Fababy? How did they decide on the donor, who will carry it, its name, the time to do it? Was it ever in their early plans to have a baby? Did they have reservations about being parents? Answer

It wasn’t exactly in their earliest plans. When they were still just friends, they’d had a conversation or two where Quinn confessed that she wasn’t certain if she saw herself having another child after Beth now that she’d had time to really think about what that would mean and how Beth would feel about Quinn having kids she would keep. And Rachel confessed that after living in New York and getting a taste of an actor’s life, she wondered if maybe she might be too self-involved to be a mother. She certainly knew she wasn’t ready for kids anytime soon.

Someday I’ll probably write it out, but the brief, spoilery gist of it is this:

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QuestionMemoriesoffire is an amazing writer. That Strange Attraction fic was so well done. Answer

I agree. Also the sequel, alone above the raging sea.

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QuestionHey Poetz, does DB Rachel and Quinn celebrate Easter? Do they have a tradition, or is different every year? Maybe they visit their parents? Happy Easter to you, hope you'll do something fun :-) Answer

It’s kind of a mixed tradition. Passover is one of the Jewish holidays that Rachel observes in the modern sense, which means avoiding bread, breaking out the matzo, and having some kind of a seder. If they can, they’ll visit Rachel’s dads and have the traditional meal with them on the first night of the holiday. I imagine her dads eventually ending up closer to them, like somewhere in Connecticut, so Shelby and Beth get invited to the seder as well. 

Quinn still likes to go to a mass on Easter Sunday, and then they’ll invite family and friends to dinner that day. Occasionally, Judy will make it to this get together as well. Rachel grumbles about the roast Quinn makes for herself and their friends and the bread that she still can’t eat, and then Quinn reminds her that she eats the matzo every year for Rachel when it tastes like cardboard, and they just enjoy a nice time with their family. 

Once the fababy happens, an Easter basket full of chocolate bunnies and marshmallow Peeps is added into the mix as well, along with a (plastic) Easter egg hunt. 

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QuestionOh wow, just wow! Your smut does things to me (blushing)! I wish you could write sexytimes in every fic :-) But I love your fluff to, so I'm not complaining! At. All. You make me belive in love, thank you ;-) Answer

Thank you. :)

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Questionhi, i remember seeing a reply about a G!P fic that you had read. can you give me the link please? =) Answer

There have been a few over the years.

Recently, I mentioned the first one I ever read, Say Hello To My Little Friend by TheLennoxFan, and its sequels.

There’s also Sky’s Softer, Softest.

And one of the best ones I’ve read was strange attraction (spreads its wings) by thememoriesfire.