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QuestionWhat do you mean? Where did you see them end up? In TSS, I mean? What was different before the rewrite? I usually don't like angsty and too dark fic's, but when the writer is so good, and there seems to be hope for a happy ending, I read it anyway. And I'm glad I did! It's the same with your (darker, sad) stories, because I love your work, and therefore I read them. Just one time though, but the happier stories; again and again and again and again... ;) Answer

Oh, the original version was a prompt fill, and she really didn’t delve into their psychological issues much. Quinn was stripping because Beth was sick and she was sending money for her medical care, and Rachel’s therapy didn’t happen in detail, and a “happier” ending where they probably cohabitated was more strongly alluded to. 

And I wasn’t referring to the ending when I said “end up” but more their general psychological states when they meet again. I tend to imagine that Rachel would have been in therapy to work through all her childhood issues long before her addiction forced her to go, since a therapist was mentioned in season one, although I certainly think the addiction route is possible if she’s isolated by her fame. And while the prompt was Stripper!Quinn, so that was a given in this story, I’ve always had trouble imagining canon Quinn choosing that path over, say, marrying into money.

In other words, my own headcanon, even with their current issues in canon, doesn’t really go where TMF started the fic, so I personally read TSS as more of an AU than a future fic, if that makes sense. 

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QuestionHi! How are you? What are the other things on your plate? New project? I just love everything you write :) Have you read 'These strange steps'? If yes, what do you think of it? I just read it, after someone mentioned it here. I liked it, the writer is obviously really skilled, but it was to dark for my liking at times... But the cute banter between Faberry was so sweet, and it made me think of your stories! Because, your Q & R are ALWAYS so cute and funny together :) Answer

I’m pretty good, thanks. Just tired from the past week. I haven’t quite gotten my body back on a sufficient sleep schedule to catch up what I missed at FaberryCon.

I have some work things going on, too, but on the fic front, I’m still stuck in the middle of the DB wedding reception and trying to spread it out between characters.

I also have a “prompt” I’d like to finish for someone this month. 

The unfinished sequel to Devolution still taunts me. And I have at least three other new plot bunnies in my brain that I’m not sure if/when I’ll get around to writing.

I have read TSS twice, in addition to the first version that TMF deleted once she did the rewrite. It is definitely a darker version of them, and I’m never sure I completely agree with where she saw them ending up, but it was an interesting exploration of them and how their relationship would work at their most fucked up.  

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QuestionQuinn's museum kink, wow, that's gonna be one sexy and HOT fic :-p Soon? ;-) Answer

Sadly, not soon. I have a few other things on my plate right now, so I don’t know when or if I’ll get to the museum kink. It might just end up as a another drabble ficlet somewhere along the way. 

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QuestionThank you for writing my drabble suggestion, and also, big thank you for making it longer than a drabble :-) You're the best, Poetz! Answer

You’re very welcome. I’m glad you liked it.

And yeah—I’m not sure I’ve ever managed to do anything in 100 words or less. :P


In the closing notes of the con, scatterbrained as I was, I was unfortunately remiss in adequately acknowledging the above and beyond efforts of someone very special and important to all of us, and that person is Pooh (rqficrecs).

FaberryCon has the intimate, family feeling that it does because particular people go out of their way to close the spaces between us. No one does this more than Pooh. Do you know she makes sure she talks to every single person at the con for at least 15 minutes one-on-one, but usually more? (I know it’s not MathCon, but that’s at least 13 hours of conversations.) She often misses programming because she’s helping talk someone through a problem or getting you something at the store or making sure you’re not alone if you need to smoke or go somewhere. It’s so important to her that everyone feels safe and included, but more than that, she wants to know you as an individual, to make you feel “seen” for who you are, as we say in the teaching industry. And when she does this, it’s not through some formulaic questionnaire or a cold process — it’s sincere and genuine and meaningful, because that’s who Pooh is.

I know I can speak for everyone who has attended a FaberryCon when I say, thank you, Pooh. You make our con better. You make the experiences of our attendees better. For many, those heartfelt conversations define their con experience. I know without a doubt that FaberryCon wouldn’t be what it is without you. I’m not sure if you realize, Pooh, how much you affect people or how deeply. In reading the feedback forms today, there was one recurring theme, and that was thanking you for everything you do at the con. I couldn’t agree more. The safe space that’s created is in large part because of you. Every con should be so lucky as to have someone doing what you do for us. It matters, more than you know.

We love you very much, Pooh. Thank you for being you.

(And if you’re someone reading this whose con experience was bettered by Pooh’s selfless efforts, I encourage you to go send her a message saying so, or reblog this with a note. A little goes a long way.)

Last year, Pooh was one of the first people to come talk to me. She bought me a drink and got me talking about Faberry and my fic, and she’s really the biggest reason I didn’t go running back up to my hotel room to wait alone for Sky to get in. 

This year, I didn’t get nearly enough time to talk to her, but she’s still one of the first people I saw upon arriving and one of the last I said goodbye to. She really is an amazing person, and I’m honored to know her and call her my friend family. 

Here’s to you, Pooh. 

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QuestionDrabble about Quinn bringing her computer to bed? :) Answer

I have a problem with the word drabble apparently, but at least this one is closer:

Give Me A Moment

Rachel doesn’t mind it so much in the morning. She has to get to the theater before the matinee after all, and while she certainly would prefer having an actual conversation with her girlfriend over the vegan French toast that she’d finally learned how to make correctly—well, she does still need to learn how to get those first few pieces off the skillet before they burn—she finds watching Quinn juggle eager bites of her breakfast between typing one-handedly on her laptop to be impossibly adorable. And Rachel does manage to get Quinn to look up from her screen long enough to receive her have-a-great-show kiss. (They aren’t goodbye kisses because they never really say goodbye—only see you later, baby.)

Rachel doesn’t typically come home between performances on her two show days. Their apartment is close enough to make it possible, but it’s rarely sensible. Sometimes she runs a few errands or browses in some nearby shops, and other times she just crashes in her dressing room and tries to catch a nap. Today she opts for the nap, knowing that being insensible would also be unproductive for her and for Quinn because Quinn is on a particularly creative streak with her novel. She doesn’t always have the time or energy to work on it during the week, and Rachel wants to give Quinn the whole afternoon and evening to write without interruption.

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QuestionIn the DBverse, who among Rachel's exes is Quinn most jealous of? Answer

It’s really a close race between Finn and Peter. Finn because he was/is Rachel’s “first love” and she almost married him, and Quinn never thought he deserved her. And Peter because Quinn thought he did deserve her. 

But overall, Finn is probably the one that can still get under her skin a little just because those feelings of insecurity and hopelessness carried over from high school when Quinn was first figuring out her own feelings for Rachel. She was jealous of Peter too, but at the same time, she met Sarah not very long after Rachel and Peter officially got involved, so that kind of soothed the sting of her jealousy a little bit.  

With Finn, she still sees the guy Rachel was singing to and who helped make her teenage years extra angsty, so it brings back bad memories and this question of “what if” Finn had been able to find his place in New York. Rachel could very well have married him. Just like Rachel has the “what if” Sarah hadn’t broken up with Quinn to deal with.  

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Questionhave you heard the song "please dont say you love me" by gabrielle aplin? it gives me faberry feels! Answer

I had not heard it, but I definitely like it. Acute Faberry Feels. 


I’m sittin’ in the railway station Got a ticket for my destination

I’m sittin’ in the railway station
Got a ticket for my destination

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QuestionNow you got me wondering: in the DB universe, if Rachel suggested a Phantom costume for Quinn to match her Christine one, would Quinn say yes? Or would she need to persuade her somehow? I really love your fic Little Conversations by the way. You made me ship Meg/Raoul =) Answer

Aw, thanks. I have a soft spot for Meg/Raoul. There were just never enough of those. 

I think Quinn would grumble about it for a while but kind of half-heartedly. I feel like she secretly loves the idea of dressing up in a tuxedo and playing up her masculine side once in awhile. She’d probably refuse to wear the dark wig though, despite Rachel’s pouting, and she’d also balk at singing the duet. 

It wouldn’t ever become a bedroom roleplay though, because Peter had the damned mask too, and Quinn isn’t playing the understudy to him. The Wicked roleplay however is very much on the table…


If you’re someone who didn’t get the attend FaberryCon North, but you’re reading the post-con reports and thinking, “Man, that really sounds amazing,” (which it was), we hope you’ll consider getting a Supporting Membership. That way, you can watch the videos and see the pictures and officially be a part of the experience, even after the fact.

You can register/purchase a membership until August 10th. Thanks!

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QuestionPoetz, in the DB universe, what's Judy's opinion about Rachel taking Quinn's surname? And what about Frannie? Answer

She’s kind of neutral about that actually. She likes that Rachel wants to do that for her daughter, but she’s not exactly attached to the Fabray name anymore. I imagine that she only kept it because it was still somewhat “prestigious” in Lima and because she thought Frannie would have been upset if she changed it. 

As for Frannie, she is not happy about it. She’s not happy about the marriage in general, but if it has to happen, she wishes Quinn would just become a Berry so there would be no “evidence” that Rachel is part of the family.

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QuestionHi poetz I love your stories, you're so talented! Have you ever thought about writing a Faberry AU based on The Phantom of The Opera? Answer

I did play with the idea when I first got into the fandom, since I was coming from writing in the Phandom. I think it would have been Rachel as “Christine” but then I couldn’t decide if I wanted Quinn to be the Phantom character or a Meg Giry. And I also couldn’t decide if I wanted to go modern or period with it. So obviously, it never happened.  :)

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Question"Bare/SoA crossover with Faberry..." - I actually find it a little amusing that the best new Faberry prompt I have seen in a while is inspired by non-Glee related work Lea and Dianna has going on. At this point I think they could give up acting, go into real estate, and it would still yield better fics ideas than Glee itself. :) Answer

I witnessed two things happen on a New York subway over the weekend that gave me better fic ideas than Glee. The show gave us the characters, but these days, most of the fandom is trying to write them as far away from canon as possible because we hate where we know they’re both going to end up. 

And it’s coming to an end soon anyway, so fresh ideas are what’s going to keep the fandom alive.