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QuestionMaybe you already gave your opinion about it, but what do you think about Santana's feud with Rachel and the retcon about their friendship and their relationship with Quinn? IE, the scene where Santana reveals Rachel that she and Quinn rigged the prom queen ballot, but she made it sound like they did it to make fun of her, not 'to make a difference', just like Quinn said (even if it would have been truly making a difference if they made Becky win). And Quinn's reaction in that scene is 1/2 Answer

2/2 unusually subdued, like she forgot why she did it (Rachel’s little speech about their friendship) and she’s actually confirming Santana’s version.

I didn’t watch Glee 100 because I knew it would just enrage me to watch all the retcon first hand, so my opinion is based on second hand information and spoilers. But the whole canon PezBerry friendship was badly handled from the beginning, in my opinion. It lacked the foundation and three year buildup that Faberry had (such as it was), so it never really made much sense to me why Kurt and Rachel would let Santana live with them and paw through their belongings after the contentious relationship they had in high school. The writers never bothered to really explore the character motivations for anything. They were just writing to the next joke or the next song.

Santana wanted to hurt Rachel, so she did. She took away that triumphant “they finally like me” moment that she had in high school and reminded her that, no, no one does like her, they just felt sorry for her. 

I know that wasn’t Quinn’s motivation, and maybe if Quinn hadn’t had her Stepford Wife lobotomy at Yale, she would have been the one to follow Rachel into the bathroom and tell her the truth. But since when do the writers apply logic? They had to set up Mercedes coming to New York at the same time they had to isolate Quinn from every character but Puck, otherwise people would have noticed how flat their scenes were with one another compared to anyone else. 

If I want to wank it—it’s that Quinn resigned herself to never having Rachel. She doesn’t even have the right to want her that way because it isn’t fair to Finn’s memory. So she’s learned to live with that distance between them and settle for what she can have/control because it’s for the best. 

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QuestionBribed with sexy times, you mean?! ;) If so, win-win for Quinn! She's so clever! When is this in the DB verse? It has to be between DOEP and EHHCTT, right? How will Quinn react to Josie and Sarah dating? Loved your ficlet, as always :) Answer

Why, of course. ;) It was definitely a win-win for both of them. 

It’s set that first winter after DOEP. Quinn initially finds it a little weird that her friend is dating her ex, and because she’s always been conscious of potential awkward situations from hookups and breakups between mutual acquaintances (thanks to Santana’s history), she has this moment of not knowing whether she should be more concerned about Josie or Sarah ending up hurt if it goes badly. She does remind Josie that Sarah isn’t planning to stay in New York permanently, to which Josie gently reminds her that it’s not her job to try to protect either one of them. 

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QuestionYes, this Sarah and Josie is all well and good. But, much more seriously, is Quinn gifting Rachel some bling? Answer


There was bling to be had by all for Christmukkah.  But Quinn bribed Rachel with…other things…for New Years. ;)

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QuestionWhat a lovely ficlet! Josie's confidence and Sarah's shyness compliments each other so much, they're perfect :) You are perfect!! Thank you so much for this :) Answer

Thank you. The little plot bunny of their first meeting in New York kept hopping through my brain until I wrote it out. :)

I’m glad you liked it.

A Don’t Blink Side Story Ficlet


For auld lang syne, my dear,
for auld lang syne,
We’ll take a cup of kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.

It’s after nine when Josie arrives at Kurt Hummel’s apartment in Hell’s Kitchen. She’d stayed at her office later than she’d intended, elbow deep in research for a case, and by the time she got out, the city streets were already overflowing with throngs of people descending on Times Square and every other New Year’s Eve celebration going on in the city. She’d been a part of that insanity once, years ago when she’d still been in law school, coming down from Boston over winter break and letting Quinn drag her to Times Square along with Rachel, Kurt, and Santana Lopez. It had been Quinn’s first year living in New York, and they’d all frozen their asses off in the middle of a million people to watch the ball drop before getting drunk off their collective asses.

She doesn’t need to repeat that particular experience.

She could be attending the party that her brand new boss is hosting from his penthouse apartment uptown, but Josie has only been working at the firm for a few months, having just moved down from Boston, and, frankly, she doesn’t yet know any of her co-workers well enough to want to see them outside of business hours. So she’d been grateful for the invitation from Kurt—no doubt at Quinn’s prompting—to a low-key celebration at his place.

Josie is only a little surprised when Rachel Berry opens the door, wearing a brilliant smile and a black sweater featuring a large, knitted champagne bottle, tipping glass, and an array of colorful confetti. Josie would never wear it, but somehow on Rachel, it looks perfect—or maybe it’s just the skintight jeans and boots that she’s paired it with. “Josie, hi. Happy New Year,” Rachel greets, pulling her into a warm hug before pulling her inside the apartment.

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QuestionHi Poetz! Enjoy your vacation, and have a great time on FaberryCon :) Answer

Thank you!  I’m really looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. 

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QuestionDuude, I hope you have a safe trip & splendid fun at the FabCon. Yeah, I realized way late that train ride you mentioned must be for this. Sounds like a long ass journey though but with min concentration required on your part, its definitely a wise choice. So I hear there will be orgies, which means there must be karaoke/dancing. If you do a strip club cosplay have this tune in the mix: P!ATD - But it's better if you do. Its like getting lap dance from stripper Quinn. Song rec Anon. :) Answer

Lol. Yeah. It’s about eight and a half hours, but it’s almost literally door to door for me with the train stations. Plus a cheaper ticket than that plane and no parking fees (at either the hotel or the airport.) So all in all, it seemed like the least stressful option for only about an extra three hours of cumulative travel time.  

There WILL be both karaoke AND a dance party, but I can assure you that my clothes will be staying on. I can’t promise anyone else’s will. :P


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QuestionHey, just want to drop by and say that I completely adore everything that you write. I finished all 22 fics in your Don't Blink Series and I'm seriously in awe of your talent in writing. I now consider it as my canon for Faberry because ughh the show will never be as good as it. Also, I absolutely loved seeing Faberry through the eyes of other characters (like Santana, Kurt, Teresa and Sarah). I hope you're having a wonderful day! Answer

Thank you. I’m so glad you like the third character point of views. They can be pretty fun to write—when the character is cooperating.  

I did have a pretty good day. I hope you did too. :)

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Question"It would, by necessity, feature Rachel’s ex-boyfriend, Peter." Ohhhh... Yes, please! Here's hoping! 🙏 Answer

Poor Peter. :(

It’s on the list, but the list is checked off very slowly.  

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QuestionHave you ever considered writing an installment of Don't Blink series where Rachel realizes she is in love with Quinn. Answer

It’s one of the moments I’ve had in the back of my mind to possibly explore. It would, by necessity, feature Rachel’s ex-boyfriend, Peter. 


Summary: Ensemble cast piece exploring what happens after Season 3. Rachel, Santana and Kurt are in New York together. Quinn is at Yale. Explores adulthood, friendship and long-distance relationships. Eventual Faberry. Also contains Brittana, Klaine, Tike and Samcedes content, plotlines back at McKinley, and frequent use of Santana POV.

Read on AO3 (recommended): Chapter 40 and the beginning
Read on ffnet: Chapter 40 and the beginning

that’s it. that’s the show.

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QuestionHey!, I absolutely love your fics, you are an incredibly talented writer, I wish I could paint pictures with words just as well as you do (...if that even makes sense). Anyways I was just curious to know if you've ever thought about or considered writing a reverse!verse ficlet in which instead of Quinn falling in love and ''chasing'' after Rachel, Rachel falls in love and chases after Quinn first. If you haven't I would absolutely love to view your take on that. Answer

Thank you. :)

I’ve thought about that in an abstract way—like I occasionally think that I might like to try a high school AU of some sort, or I imagine a future (TooLate!)Rachel being the one to realize she’s fallen for Quinn and try to pursue her—but I haven’t actually plotted anything out.

Short of a complete personality overhaul, I don’t imagine high school Quinn would have been at all receptive to high school Rachel pursuing her. I can see a lot of embarrassing serenades by Rachel followed by a lot of bitchy insults by Quinn and some extra slushie showers. 

The adult versions of them might handle the situation a little better. :)

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QuestionWhat do you guys do at FaberryCon? Sob and cry the whole time? Fucking live ruiners... Answer

There’s a little sobbing, and a lot of laughing, love and friendship. We discuss Quinn and her many personalities. We discuss Rachel and her talent (and her poor romantic choices.)  We discuss Quinn and Rachel together, how far they’ve come, and how far they have yet to go. Basically, a lot of headcanons are shared, videos are watched, and future fics are plotted. 

Mostly, though, we have fun together sharing a thing we all love and hanging out with friends we’ve made online and in person. 


Oh…and there’s the orgy, too.